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Turn Your Closet into Cash and Help the Environment!

Welcome to conSHINEment, your fashion-forward destination for selling second-hand clothes while making a positive impact. We're all about curating the trendiest styles, sustainability, and affordability. Selling with us is easy, rewarding, and supports a greener future. Here's how to get started:


Clean Out and Cash In:

Ready to declutter? Recycling your closet with conSHINEment is a fantastic way to earn fast cash or store credit toward your new stylish wardrobe. By selling what you have, you'll have the power to buy what you want. Currently, we're buying closet cleanouts in person, and walk-ins are welcome based on availability. Once you're done, give yourself the biggest high five for being part of the recycling movement!


Instant Rewards, No Waiting:

At conSHINEment, we believe in rewarding you right away. Forget about waiting for your items to sell. When you sell with us, you'll receive cash or store credit on the spot. That means immediate gratification for your efforts.


Choose Your Payment Method:

It's your choice! Decide how you want to be paid out. We offer 35% of our selling price in cash or an impressive 50% in store credit. Whether you prefer some extra pocket money or the chance to explore our fashion-forward collection, the decision is yours.


Act Now, Cash Option Available Today:

Seize the opportunity! The cash option is exclusively available on the day you bring in your items. Remember, store credit cannot be converted to cash later. So, if you're looking for some instant cash, don't miss out. Time is of the essence!


Cleanout Limit and Requirements:

Please keep your cleanout to about 50 items to ensure a smooth process. When you visit us to sell your items, kindly note that sellers must be 18 years or older. We require a US government-issued ID or passports (with accompanying visa as per DCA regulations) for selling. Rest assured, your information is confidential, never shared with outside parties, and never used for promotional purposes. We apologize, but school IDs are not accepted.


Respectful Selling Practices:

To maintain fairness, customers are not permitted to use their ID to sell other customers' belongings. Let's respect each other's consignment journey and ensure a positive experience for everyone.


Visit Us:

Store Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-8PM | Sun 12PM-6PM

Selling Hours: Mon-Thu & Sat 12PM-7PM | Sun 1PM-5PM *No Selling on Friday's*

*Remember, we buy items starting from 1 hour after opening until 1 hour before closing, so we're here to accommodate you.


Don't wait any longer to turn your pre-loved items into cash or store credit. Join the conSHINEment community today and be part of the sustainable fashion revolution! Act now and make a stylish, eco-friendly difference.