FAQ's - Selling with conSHINEment

Frequently Asked Questions - Selling with conSHINEment

Welcome to conSHINEment! We want to ensure your selling experience is smooth and rewarding. Here are answers to commonly asked questions:

  1. WHEN CAN I SELL MY CLOTHES AND DO I NEED AN APPOINTMENT? No appointment is needed. We buy from the public every day, starting at 12 p.m. until one hour before closing. Arriving early is recommended for personalized attention.

  2. HOW DO YOUR BUYERS DETERMINE WHAT TO TAKE AND HOW IS PRICING DONE? Our trained conSHINEment Buyers carefully assess items based on condition, age, style, brand, and market demand. Fair prices are set to satisfy both sellers and shoppers.

  3. DO I HAVE TO WAIT FOR MY CLOTHES TO SELL BEFORE I GET PAID? No waiting necessary! We buy your clothing outright, providing immediate payment. Choose between 35% cash or 50% store credit.

  4. CAN YOUR BUYERS VISIT MY HOUSE? We don't offer house visits. For first-time sellers, bring a small selection of items to familiarize yourself with our process and the items we're interested in.

  5. WHAT IF conSHINEment DOESN'T ACCEPT SOME OF MY ITEMS? Don't take it personally. Our buying decisions consider seasonal trends, inventory, and customer demand. Our buyers will guide you on what you can bring in later.

  6. WHAT ARE THE PAYMENT OPTIONS AVAILABLE? We offer cash, credit card, debit cards, and store credit. Remember to have your physical store credit with you for purchases, as it cannot be replaced.

  7. WHAT IS YOUR RETURN POLICY? All sales at conSHINEment are final. Once you sell an item, it cannot be returned or exchanged. We provide accurate and fair assessments during the buying process.

  8. DO YOU BUY KIDS CLOTHES? Currently, we only purchase Men's and Women's clothing, shoes, and accessories. We do not buy kids' clothes at this time. 

We hope these FAQs have addressed your concerns. At conSHINEment, we're committed to curating the trendiest styles while offering a sustainable and rewarding selling experience. Join us today and let's create fashion-forward moments together!